Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr Right

So, I started this blog while I was out of the country, and it was supposed to be a mission blog. It will be again some day, but, right now, HIPPA laws keep me from blogging much about my current mission. Therefore, today you get something else that's been on my heart lately. I remember in college when a lot of the females (and not too few of the males) had one major goal: finding Mr./Mrs. Right. I wouldn't have been opposed to such a thing, but, after the initial oh-my-goodness-there-are-more-than-8-guys-here-and-most-of-them-are-actually-nice reaction, I settled into my high school routine of studying more than was probably good for me and did my best to be content. Not to mention, I'd known for a long time that I was only going to date one man, and he would be my husband, so I was holding out for the best from the get-go. Four years later, I graduated college with a nursing degree, a Spanish minor, and a heart for the nations, but no man...and I was okay with that. I was ready to lose my heart to Central America, South America, Africa, India, and anywhere with a slum or an entire community of people living in the city dump. So, after graduating and procuring my nursing license, I took the step that made the most sense: I bought a plane ticket to Tanzania. And it did steal my heart...the thing is, so did Kyle. Fast forward to now when I've been back from Tanzania for nearly 2 years and married (to Kyle, obviously) for nearly seven months. And it's been the best seven months I could have ever imagined. He never lets me doubt that he loves me, and I do my best to make coming home after work the highlight of his day. Yesterday morning he made me breakfast in bed, and yesterday evening he took me to the farmers' market to buy our Christmas tree. I'm just so.... happy! My husband isn't my source of joy or happiness, but he certainly enriches my life. Loving and being loved by him has taught me so much about God's love and acceptance, and, I've realized at least a trillion different times these last seven months that, when I said that I was holding out for the best, that's exactly what God sent me. I know life won't always be easy, but I'm not afraid of anything when he's holding my hand because I know the Hand that is really holding us together, who orchestrated this thing from the beginning of time. So, when it seems like Mr. Right will never come along, and you're tempted to settle for Mr. Right Now...don't. Wait for the man who will bring you breakfast in bed, who is willing to drive you to work at 0600 in the morning because there's a crazy man with a knife in the parking garage, who lets you bring him breakfast in bed and makes a big deal out of it when you surprise him with cookies at work, who brags about you to his friends, who takes you to the mall even though you both hate shopping just because he wants you to try on a fancy dress for him (that you both know you'll never buy), who's willing to spend a Saturday night hanging out with your sisters, nieces, and nephews and who makes you a part of his family, too, who prays over you when you're sick and asks you to pray for him, too, who is honest and strong and courageous and Godly as well as incredibly handsome, and who is worthy of your best (after all, he's giving you his).

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