Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just One Quick Thing

Something happened this weekend that made me really excited and showed me all over again just how involved in our lives Christ really is. Before going into what happened this weekend, though, I should mention that I heard from the clinic where I really want to work: they said that they only hire RNs who have at least a year of hospital experience. Bummer. I was pretty discouraged after hearing this news because I was just so sure that this was where God wants me. I didn't quite understand what He was doing, and I was trying to figure out if I'd misinterpreted this calling. Now, on to what happened this weekend: I spent this weekend at the summer camp staff reunion, and Saturday night we had a special supper and worship time where we all had the chance to meet the new Camp Executive, Kent. After the worship time I was talking to Kent and his wife a bit (they were at college the same time one of my sisters was, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to play The Mennonite Game), and they asked me about my post-graduation plans. I told them about my goal to work in this clinic in this city. Being familiar with the city, they asked me which clinic; as it turns out, they have friends working at this clinic! They were so excited about it and wonderfully encouraging. They asked permission to e-mail these friends of theirs about me (not in relation to getting a job, mind you) because several of their friends are really passionate about welcoming people and mentoring girls my age! This conversation lifted my spirit so much and reassured me that this is where God does want me. I feel as though I already have solid connections, and I haven't even moved yet! What a perfectly-timed blessing. Don't ya just love how God works. :)

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